Textile artworks

textile embellishment intuitive embroidery

Designing and making my jewelry label for ten years enabled me to develop many textile skills.
In the meantime, I’ve been back in embroidering since 2018, first as a personal hobby. Then I switched to creating textile artworks as my main activity in 2021.
I first learned how to embroider at fashion design school, quite a long time ago, then made some samples while working for a luxury women’s wear house.
Embroidering again for hours has become quite addictive, and I found it meditative at the same time.

When embroidering, I connect to intimate emotions, and translate them into stiches, lines, textures and shapes.
I most of the time only draw a single line structure, with no preparation, the emotion is guiding my pencil on the fabric. Then I stitch, playing with filling shapes and emptiness.

I often use draping fabric, I love its off white color, texture, smell of freshly cooked biscuit, and imperfections. It reminds me of happy times when I was a fashion student.

Most of my textile artworks are abstract, because I feel that abstraction in art generally gives me more freedom of thoughts, imagination and emotions.
I feel quite much inspired by abstract expressionism in paintings, but as well by textures in nature, and ceramics.

I love working in relation with history and personal stories, this is why I develop embroidery process intimately related to people.

You will find below a selection of my textile artworks, abstract embroideries and installations.

Some of them are for sale on my online store or on this online art platform.

monochrome abstract embroidery artwork
Vestiges, monochrome embroidery artworks
embroidered artistic experience 4 SER details black threads on vintage linen
Nima / Mnimi embroidered memory, personalized embroidered artworks
intuitive embroidery
Personalized embroidered greetings
applique embroidered abstract landscape nude silk fabrics
Esoterika Topia, embroidered abstract landscapes
abstract embroidery study piece black stitching sampler
Study pieces
intuitive abstract contemporary embroidery emotional diary
Emotional diary
textile hand embroidered artwork on naturally colored cotton fabrics
Règne Végétal, hand embroidered collaboration artwork
Rencontres Lacydoniennes, textile art installation
fiber art installation atelier olgajeanne sophie baillet
Silence is my fuel, fiber art installation
contemporary embroidery textile installation
"Her seasons, her desires", embroidery installation