Woven jewelry collection

The Woven jewelry collection I created for Olgajeanne is inspired by a piece of landart by Nicolas Feldmeyer and spaghetti furniture from the 50s.
I am using soutache ribbon to link geometrical elements one to another, in order to make statement jewelry unusual shapes, that hug the body, too.

  • Short woven necklace #943-10, Carbon color
  • 8 buckle statement woven necklace #944-1, Limestone color
  • Large woven cuff #942-10, Carbon color
  • 9 buckle statement woven necklace #945-10, Carbon color
  • Short woven necklace #943-1, Limestone color

Photos : Babette Pauthier
Packshots : Laure Mélone

designer jewelry woven necklace
designer jewelry statement woven necklace
designer jewelry woven cuff
statement woven geometrical necklace
short woven geometric necklace