Rencontres Lacydoniennes

Textile art installation

Rencontres Lacydoniennes is a textile art installation that has been created for collective exhibition l’Objet d’une Rencontre held in Marseille History Museum from September 2022.
For this project I collaborated over six months with weaver and textile designer Manon Garcia Del Barrio.

Our textile artpiece shows our enthusiasm for antique ship wrecks in the Museum’s collections, how they are related to Marseille’s fundation myth, and our passion for textile knowhows.

This project found wonderful information and inspiration from the professional we met : shipwright, sail manufacturer, ship archeologist, textile archeologist, and marquetry specialist.

Our large scale textile artwork stands for a square and poetic sail of two and a half meters.
Manon waved tens meters of fabric, I cut twenty five pieces from them, and hand embroidered on fourteen of them. I stiched all of them together, mostly by hand, using traditional sail sewing techniques.

Textile installation, September 2022
Weaving, hand and maching sewing, hand embroidery
Cotton and linen threads, wood, cotton embroidery threads, cotton cord.