Personalized embroidered artwork

embroidered artistic experience atelier olgajeanne 4 SER detail

Nima / Mnimi, embroidered memory

This embroidered artistic experience is related to the embroidered greetings I made in 2020.
I very often wonder about the place of the artist in society.
How to create a (textile) art, which would be actually and deeply connected to people ?
In concrete terms, how to make actual personalized embroidered artwork ?

Here is what came out of my mind, aligned with who I am, my statement about human bounds, emotional landscapes and exploring.

A human and artistic experience

Materializing emotions with intuitive embroidery

What if, on the base of a conversation between you and me, when you would mention a memory, a meeting with a dear person, or a core project for you, I created a unique, personalized embroidered artwork ?
As an abstract illustration of what I catch, such as feelings, emotions, when you’re talking to me.
As a materialization of one of your cherished memories.

This project has been tested during summer 2021 : from people I know quite well, to some much less.
As the result of the experience, the embroidered piece I make illustrates both the memory shared, the emotions related to it – and becomes its lasting reminder – and the special moment lived during this artistic experience.

I really enjoy this moment of intimate words, and feel grateful for the stories I receive. I take it as a gift, to me, too.

People who truly know me are not surprised with that process I created, because they know how much I value intimate conversations.
I know this is my place, as an artist, to gather the intimate, and to translate it in into a piece.

Your own memory embroidered

What if, now, you tell me your story ?
Would you be interested in participate to this embroidered artistic experience ?
Would you like to treat yourself (or someone else) with the possibility to get an actual custom made and unique art piece, as a witness of your cherish memory ?

For more details, you can send me an email through the contact form, I will be delighted to tell you more about the process, the protocol and the various options (fabric, colors and size).

I am looking forward sharing such a moment with you, and creating new custom made and unique textile artwork.

embroidered artistic experience 4 SER black threads on vintage linen fabric
embroidered artistic experience 4 SER packed atelier olgajeanne
embroidered artistic experience 2 CB off-white fabric
embroidered artistic experience 2 CB off-white tones
embroidered artistic experience MC detail 1
embroidered artistic experience
embroidered artistic experience 3 VR details red threads on off-white fabric
embroidered artistic experience 3 VR red yarns on off-white fabric
  • n°4, S.E.R., September 16th, 2021
    cotton threads on vintage cotton and linen fabric
  • n°2, C.B., June 23rd, 2021
    cotton threads on draping fabric
  • n°1, M.C., June 22nd, 2021
    cotton threads on linen fabric
  • n°3, V.R, July 13th, 2021
    cotton threads on draping fabric