Intuitive hand embroidery

I’ve been embroidering again since beginning of 2018. I had first learned how to at fashion design school, and then made some samples while working for a luxury women’s wear house.

It has become quite addictive, and I found it meditative at the same time.

When embroidering, I connect to intimate emotions, and translate them into stiches, lines, textures and shapes.
I only draw a single line structure, with no preparation, the emotion is guiding my pencil on the fabric.

I most of the time use draping fabric, I love its off white color, texture, smell of freshly cooked biscuit, and imperfections. It reminds me of happy times when I was a fashion student, although I was quite bad as draping.

My embroidery works are abstract, because abstraction in art generally gives me more freedom of thoughts, imagination and emotions. And probably because I have very little skills in drawing “reality”.

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Her seasons, her desires
Here is what happens when I think of you
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Study pieces
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Emotional diary