Textile embellishment artist, artisan & designer

I love textile, its infinite possibilities regarding colors, textures and shapes.
I see textile as a metaphor of our bonds to other human beings: ephemeral, yet precious.
In my textile embellishment work, I play with materials’ inner properties. I associate them with specific techniques, inspired by artisanal know-hows, to innovate, in a subtle and delicate way.

Particular techniques applied to textile

When developing jewelry and textile works, I adapt traditional hand-crafting techniques such as:

  • weaving
  • braiding
  • folding
  • thread hand embroidery
  • beads and sequins embroidery
  • layering, fabric tearing, etc.

One of the favourite materials I use for my own jewelry collections is grosgrain ribbon, so I’ve been developing quite peculiar skills in manipulating it.

High quality standards

Graduating from Studio Berçot fashion design school in Paris in 2005, I worked then for a couple of fashion luxury house womenswear studios. Developing embroidery samples, details and carrying out material researches trained me to high-quality standards, and meticulousness.

I launched my own high-end costume jewelry label, Olgajeanne, in 2011 after moving to Marseilles. I designed and made my collections based on textile manipulations until 2020.

Minimalist aesthetics

I confess a strong thing with geometry and symmetry. This is probably because, first, they make me feel more comfortable with my poor hand drawing abilities. Then because I am a minimalist, esthetically speaking.

However, I rather experiment more intuitive shapes in my embroidery works.

My skills in textile embellishment

I can work on missions such as

  • jewelry design: luxury / high-end costume jewelry, fine jewelry, with or without textile
  • textile jewelry and accessories prototypes
  • textile sample development
  • embroidery development
  • embroidery workshops
  • styling assistant for shootings, moving image or photography.

I love exploring and going out of my comfort zone. So I am pleased to consider unexpected projects and collaborations.

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